How Long Does Pizza Dough Last?

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How Long Does Pizza Dough Last?

We all love pizza and eat pizza regardless of the time of day. When we order pizza and get it delivered to the door in 25 min, we are happy.

It seems easy for us. However, practically the pizza-making process is a responsible mission. One of the greatest secrets in pizza making is its dough.

Soft and crust at the same time the pizza is topped with various vegetables, chicken, seafood, and much more. This tasty combination makes us happy and satisfied.

So, how long does pizza dough last?

Once you have asked this question, you should know that the dough passes several phases. It needs to be kept in the right conditions to last.

It even tastes unpleasant or can become floppy if you decide to keep it long or incorrect.

Let us determine why many people make such mistakes and how to make the dough last longer.

Depending on the storage location of your dough, there are four ways to keep it in a good condition.

If you need to keep the dough at room temperature, its expiration date will vary from 4 to 18 h. From 3 to 5 days’ pizza dough can be stored in a fridge.

The longest storage duration is 3 months and it can be provided only with a help of a freezer.

Of course, the dough’s yeast quantity matters. To make a flexible dough that is good for both room temperature and fridge storage, you should find the best Pizza Dough Recipe.

Tips and instructions

The most important pizza dough secret is its yeast amount. It makes dough alive due to the production of CO2 gas and alcohol because of a fermentation process.

Try paying attention to the amount of yeast. Due to more amount, the fermentation process goes fast and breaks down flour starches.

The second important factor is gluten. By degrading and becoming less tight, it makes pizza dough soft and tender.

However, without proper temperature and protein content of the flour, you will not make an ideal pizza. Therefore, dough temperature is a key factor that makes the fermenting faster.

Remember that the higher fermenting temperature of dough can influence its usage period.

Protein containing in the flour influences gluten development in the pizza dough. More protein means more gluten.

Such dough can last longer and keep its structure. That is why higher protein flour is the best for pizza.

To get good texture and deeper flavor, ensure that you provide dough with a long enough fermenting process, but not over ferment it.

To achieve it just down dough temperature by keeping it in a refrigerator.

This will provide its slow fermenting. Such a method will allow the dough to stretch easier.

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